Ephraim Rogovin Ltd.

About us

Ephraim Rogovin Ltd. is one of the veteran and leading construction and development companies in Israel, and currently specializes in a broad variety of fields in the real estate sector. These fields include construction entrepreneurships for residential, office and commercial projects and maintenance and management of profitable properties. With its professional, stable and responsible management the company raises the banner for gradual and controlled development, and with a basis of financial resolution over the years, Rogovin initiated and developed multiple projects across Israel which left a significant mark of their surroundings.

The company’s activity is composed of a complete set of combined services required during the entire project: starting with locating business opportunities, through studying initial probability, testing financial profitability, consolidating the marketing and planning concepts of the project and managing its marketing strategy, and down to the actual management of the project upon completion.


Profitable Properties

In the field of profitable real estate, Rogovin has several properties in outstanding location such as the business, commerce and Hi-Tech districts of Tel-Aviv, Ramat Ha-Hayal, Ra’anana, Ramat-Gan, Herzliya Pituah and Southern Netanya. These properties provide the company with a stable and steadfast source of income, which contributes to its constant development. The properties are characterized by their high quality, aesthetics and smart design, and provide the perfect solution for their clients’ various demands and life-styles.

Project Management Policy

In the beginning of each project, the company executives define the goals and criteria of the project’s success, from which they later derive the means of action in various aspects, e.g. finance and marketing. Each project is assigned with the best professional experts in each field, i.e. engineers, project supervisors and managers, and in addition the company hires sub-contractors and selected suppliers who can present verified experience and accomplishments in their name. In addition, the company includes a regular control system in its working process that inspects actual versus expected performance.

Control System

The company’s advanced control system enables complete control over the project’s progress. The system includes design control, particularly meticulous quality control, communication and information control, budget control, schedule control, etc. These actions, which comply with the highest professional standards in the field and are integrated in one another, ensure strict preservation of the project’s accurate design and planning, from start to finish, keeping to its defined schedule and budget framework and securing fulfillment of all design and execution commitments to the last detail.


As a highly appreciated company in the real estate sector, Rogovin gained a great deal of interest from construction companies and other financial entities that wish to collaborate with it in the initiation and development of new projects. Thus, for example, the company has been collaborating in recent years with Tidhar Group, a leading construction company in Israel, and the two companies collaborated in many projects in Central Israel. These projects are mainly in the field of commerce, Hi-Tech and office buildings, including the luxurious Rogovin-Tidhar Tower located along Ayalon Route. Other partners that collaborated with Rogovin in recent projects of enterprises are U. Dori, Aviv Group, Migdal Insurance Company, etc.

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Company Principles

Based on its steadfast infrastructure, deeply rooted into the Israeli construction sector, Rogovin considers itself obligated to the constant development of real estate in Israel and acts with full responsibility and professionalism to continue and promote projects that provide added value to both the client and the environment.