Ephraim Rogovin Ltd

Then and Now

בית מוזס ברחוב רוטשילד

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Then and Now

Ephraim Rogovin Ltd. was founded in the 1930’s. Back then, during the British mandate regime in Israel, the head of the family, Ephraim, first started taking contract projects for the British army.

After the foundation of the State of Israel Ephraim expanded his activity in the construction sector and developed many settlements and housing complexes across Israel for the Jewish Agency and the Ministry of Construction and Housing, e.g. Ta’anakhim, Afula, Hadera, Givat Olga and other immigrant neighborhoods that took in the waves of Jewish immigration (Aliya). With the accelerating demographic development and growth in the Central area of Israel, Rogovin continued and built thousands of housing units during the 1950’s, mainly in the Gush Dan and Sharon districts, while collaborating with other leading construction companies such as Israel Housing and Development Ltd. (Shikun & Pituah), Shikun Ovdim residential builder and Azorim.

This period molded the image of Ephraim Rogovin’s construction company and, in practice, laid the infrastructure from which the company continued to grow. Thanks to the company’s nature of activity, including its credibility, professionalism and unequivocal thoroughness, financial stability and resolution, the company gained a great professional reputation in the construction sector – a status that was most important during the 1980’s, when the real estate field in Israel significantly expanded.

With the continued growth in the real estate market, the company initiated and founded multiple office and commercial buildings. Among them are buildings in South Tel-Aviv, Givatayim, Ramat-Gan, Rishon LeZion and Herzliya. Simultaneously, the company continued its relentless work in the field of residential building, including residential neighborhoods and complexes. The construction of Bavli neighborhood in Tel-Aviv, which included a commercial center and a cinema, is a fine example of those projects.
Rogovin’s significant step up during those years was not only in expanding its volume of activity, but also the scope of its employees. Hundreds of workers, including engineers, work managers and contractors, were employed by Rogovin along its construction “assembly line”, from project entrepreneurship through management, design and construction, to maintaining and servicing projects after completion.


Bavli – Tel-Aviv

Drezner – Ramat Aviv Gimmel, Tel-Aviv

Yehuda HaNassi – Neve Avivim, Tel-Aviv

Honim Konim’ – Rishon LeZion’

One of the first open shopping centers in Israel. Built during the mid-1990’s in collaboration with Azorim in the Western industrial area of Rishon LeZion (Lishansky Street). The project includes an area of 15,000 m2  dedicated to commercial stores in a double-floor center, constructed above a covered parking lot floor.

Beit Moses

A luxurious office building on Rotschild and Nachmani street corner in Tel-Aviv. Built during the mid-1990’s. Includes, among others, the facilities of HSBC bank.

Rogovin has underwent, in the past seven decades, a long way of growth and development, always keeping in mind its care for the environment and concern for the welfare and benefit of its clients. This long path, along which it has left many outstanding results, has established its status since its foundation as one of the most esteemed companies in the Israeli real estate sector today.